The Mysteries of Ice Cream


Masters of Social Gastronomy, know as MSG is a Brooklyn Brainery food event. Each month there are lectures on various food topics and breakdown on the stories, history and science behind what’s being covered.

This month on April 29th MSG held their lecture in Littlefeild  622 Degraw street, which is in downtown Brooklyn. The event was swarming with people from the get go, just as it begun exactly at 8pm. The topic was ice cream and the experts there gave a deep understanding on the history of vanilla ice cream as well as a few other flavors that were on display .

Astronaut ice cream was one of the curious flavors that was introduced first to the audience. Astronaut ice cream is just normal ice cream that has been freezed dried. The process of freeze drying allows you to remove water without letting the water melt first. In this case the ice which is a solid goes straight to vapor instead of liquid , by doing so the structure of the ice cream is preserved. It’s nutritious and healthy, for the longest freeze-dried food items has been absorbed for countless space missions. What’s included in the ice cream is one 200 gram (7 oz) slice of Neapolitan which is made up of blocks of (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ) ice cream.

The history of vanilla is a remarkable story filled with its intriguing past. Expert Sarah Lohman is a historic gastronomist who reveals flavors of the past.

” Vanilla is a flavoring that comes from orchids in the genus vanilla native to Mexico”, said Lohman. The name vanilla derives from the spanish word “vainilla” meaning “little pod”. She went on to explain that the history of vanilla started with the ancient Totonaco  Indians of Mexico. The Aztecs were the first to cultivate vanilla, but it was the spanish who introduced vanilla to the world  after they conquered the Aztecs.

In order to get ice cream thick, in one of the simplest ways all you have to do when making it is churn it and put it into air-tight container and freeze it.




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